Many of Robert Munsch’s stories are hilarious, exaggerated tales about real life events in families. The stories are quick, relatable, and fun. Some are heartwarming, but most start giggle fits. You may find your own children depicted. Your children will want to read them again and again. After multiple readings, you learn the stories so well, you can tell them without the books. This is a great pastime for sitting in traffic, waiting in line at an amusement park, or any time your family needs something to keep their mind occupied. I have read or told these stories to children from 3 to 10 years old. Be sure to play up the exaggerations. Caution: these books have been known to start the sillies in my house!

Stephanie's PonytailStephanie’s Ponytail
Stephanie likes to wear her hair in a different ponytail every day, but always gets teased at school. But then others are copying her hairstyles! She finally confronts them and finds a way to stop their teasing and copying.




Millicent and the WindMillicent and the Wind
The wind brings Millicent a hoped-for friend.




We Share Everything!We Share Everything!
It’s the very first day of daycare, and Amanda and Jeremiah don’t know what to do. They want to play with the same blocks, they want to use the same paint. But the teacher says they have to share… so they share everything. Even… their clothes?!?




Alligator BabyAlligator Baby
This story is about the confusion and excitement parents feel when a new baby is expected. These parents are so confused, though, that they go to the zoo instead of the hospital! It takes the calm head of the older brother to sort it all out.



Purple, Green and YellowPurple, Green and Yellow
Brigid has never had her own markers because her mother is concerned that she may color on something other than paper. She finally convinces her mom to buy some and her mom is astounded by the beautiful artwork. So she buys Brigid some super-indelible-never-comes-off-till-you’re-dead markers and Brigid goes beyond paper… Beware of the fun!


Andrew's Loose ToothAndrew’s Loose Tooth
Those wiggly teeth cause frustration for every child who tries to eat an apple. Andrew’s family is quite creative in their efforts to help pull Andrew’s tooth!




I Have to Go!I Have to Go!
Andrew’s mother and father always ask very clearly if Andrew needs to go pee, and his answer is always, “No, no, no, no.” Unfortunately, that answer never seems to last long! Children and parents will laugh out loud at the experiences of this family.


The Sandcastle ContestThe Sandcastle Contest
While on vacation. Matthew is excited to take part in the local sandcastle contest. The winner gets a bathtub filled with ice cream! But Matthew is just too good at building sand castles. The judges all think the house he builds, complete with sand chairs, a sand refrigerator, and sand food is real! He has to prove that it’s all just a big pile of sand so he can win that ice cream!

Get Our of Bed!Get Out of Bed!
What will get sleepy Amy out of bed? Not her brother’s yell. Not her father’s stern command. Not even her mother’s trick of standing Amy up on her feet! So they do the only thing they can–they tuck her back into bed! Amy’s father picks up one end of the bed and Amy’s mother and brother pick up the other. They lug it out the door, down the street, around the corner, through the school yard, and into the school. Amy’s classmates spend the entire day trying to get sleeping Amy through her school activities.


Kiss Me, I'm Perfect!Kiss Me, I’m Perfect!
Fresh out of clean clothes, Lacey must wear a previously shunned birthday gift from her grandma: a T-shirt that says, “Kiss Me, I’m Perfect.” Skeptical about the reception she will receive, Lacey starts her journey to school…and is pleasantly surprised by the attention she receives from the kitty cat, dog, eagle, and MOOSE she meets along her way. Even better, once at school, her potentially embarrassing attire is soon coveted by her classmates! This ridiculously silly tale, filled with wet sloppy kisses, will leave readers in hysterics!


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