The Bottom Line
A fun and whimsical story about boy/girl twins going to visit a bubble factory with Grandpa – and the subsequent adventure that occurs when the two are left unattended! Appropriate ages: 3 – 8 year olds
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• Engaging and silly plot sure to keep you listeners entertained.
• Creative premise and colorful illustrations.
• Appropriate for a family read aloud because it is laugh-out-loud fun.
• Unattended children who do not follow the directions of the adults could have disastrous consequences but the children were rewarded for disobeying.
• Some of the bubbles created in the factory are actually imaginary, so be sure you support your child in distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

• Sam and Molly are twins who always seem to find trouble that Grandpa has to get them out of.
• He takes them on a tour of his old employment – the Bubble Factory where they see where bubble bath and bubble gum are made.
• The twins are left alone when Grandpa goes into a meeting and they step into the lab and start mixing.
• What happens next is unexpected and exciting!
Kristine’s Review – The Bubble Factory by Tomie dePaola
This is a whimsical story with creative look at managing twins who always find trouble. Tomie dePaola inventive story and colorful illustrations will capture even your youngest children. The clear illustrations will support their understanding of the text. The story text is more suited for independent, fluent readers rather than emerging readers who may become frustrated.
Family Reading Suggestions
This is an engaging and silly story for a family read aloud. To support their reading-readiness, you may want to look over the pictures of the story with your children before you read the words to see if they can predict what the story will be about. As you read the text for the first time, have them carefully examine the next picture to see if the text changes their predictions. Although the text is a bit too complicated for early readers, more fluent readers will enjoy independently reading or reading it aloud to younger siblings.
Beyond the Book

  • Have a bubble blowing contest. Use bubble gum if your children are older, or a bubble jar and wand if they are young.
  • As a family, brainstorm a list of things you wish were bubbles. If your children are older, try to think up ways these bubbles could become reality.
  • Draw pictures of what kinds of bubble each person in the family would wish for.
  • Use plastic bubbles to create some of your illustrations.

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