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We can parent our children equally without parenting them all the same. Each child is a unique individual and how you parent each of your children should reflect that. Carol Tuttle teaches you how to identify each child’s energy type and how to increase cooperation and harmony in your home through parenting tailored to each child.
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  • Detailed descriptions of each energy type at different ages
  • Parenting suggestions to increase cooperation and reduce strife in your home
  • Brief synopsis of each energy type early in the book helps you target your reading towards the energy types of your children.
  • Specific suggestions for talking with your child’s teacher about helping your child be successful in the classroom.


  • The lengthy text may take a while to read and digest, especially if you have children with different energy types – not exactly a “plug and play” book.
  • At first blush, it seems Ms. Tuttle is suggesting you allow your child to have their way, but read on, because she does offer ideas for guiding your children instead of forcing them.
  • She provides descriptions of physical characteristics for helping you identify each child’s energy type, but does not indicate the science behind the connection beyond stating her lengthy study of the theory.
  • The author negates all other parenting strategies and techniques.


  • Detailed descriptions of 4 Energy Types aimed at improving family relationships and parenting techniques.
  • Specific and general suggestions for improving parenting, sibling relationships, school success, and religious experiences.
  • Pitfalls and descriptions to avoid for each energy type.
  • Talking with your child about the strengths and challenges of their energy type.

Kristine’s Review – The Child Whisperer, The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children by Carol Tuttle
Before reading this book, I felt my husband and I parented each child according to their individual strengths and personalities. Many of the strategies that she highlights for specific energy types we used successfully for all of our children. After reading this book, I understand the differences between our four children even more thoroughly. Carol Tuttle helps the parent understand each individual child’s motivations, needs, and energy level. She provides general and specific suggestions for better parenting each child so they are happier and more fulfilled. According to her, by honoring each child’s energy type, you can reduce the friction in your home. Once you’ve finished reading the descriptions of the 4 energy types, keep reading because then you get the specific suggestions for supporting your child throughout other areas of their life! And be sure to read to the end when the author tells about her parenting journey.
Family Reading Suggestions
If what you are doing works for your family, continue to do it! But also consider the energy types in your home and how you can allow each person to shine. However, try not to pigeon-hole your children into their energy type. According to the author, each person has a secondary type, and may also exhibit some characteristics of other energy types. If your child is able to read, show them the short descriptions early in the book and ask them to help identify their energy type. I asked my 18 year old son and he immediately identified himself! Do not allow their energy type to become an excuse for unacceptable behavior. Instead, use the guidelines in the book to support your child while still maintaining your family’s values and standards.

Beyond the Book

  • Celebrate your parenting successes!
  • Be honest and forgiving about mistakes within your family.
  • Realize that you are doing your best, and it may take time to change how you parent.
  • Don’t try to change everything at once. Identify one or two strategies for parenting each child to focus on at a time.
  • Write short post-its to put up around the house to remind yourself of specific strategies you are trying to incorporate. (I like to put them on my bedroom mirror, inside the coffee cup cupboard, etc)

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